Did I Miss Something? Where is the Vermont PLN?

Vermont's innovative Professional Learning Network began in 2013 and was supported by a three-year contract between the Vermont Agency of Education and three regional professional learning centers that had worked together informally for ten years (Champlain Valley Educator Development Center, Lamoille Area Professional Development Academy and our own Vermont Learning Collaborative). A new contract was offered in spring 2016 and we bid on it, along with two out-of-state groups. As it turned out, the new contract has been awarded to the Center for Collaborative Education, based in Boston, MA.
The Agency of Education apparently did not take into account the quality of the work we had delivered, which they had consistently praised, or the value of the contract funds remaining in Vermont as opposed to going elsewhere. This latter issue is often a concern in State contracting, but it appears that it was not part of the decision-making in this situation.
One series of products developed by the Vermont PLN (2013-16) were several series of videos that depict classroom settings, new concepts such as "Lesson Study" and multiple professional learning programs conducted by experts in a variety of fields. All of these are still available at: VermontPLN.org.
Yes, we worked on it, so we are biased, but we can say that this resource alone is a treasure trove -- yours to discover and use!

Undoubtedly, we will all learn what the Boston group has to offer. In the spirit of the importance of professional learning, we hope it is great.