Games and Activities That Teach


Join in this interactive and fun workshop and leave with a variety of games and activities that teach and reinforce:

• Problem solving
• Communication Skills
• Community Awareness
• Conflict Resolution
• Critical Thinking
• Responsibility
• Respect
• Academic Concepts

These experiential activities and approaches can be facilitated in any size space with simple materials and can be applied to academic, therapeutic and recreational group-work, they can be adapted to all age groups.

Come and learn helpful facilitation tools and techniques. Add new activities to your educator's toolkit. Take away strategies that will help you building a positive learning environment, develop social skills, and promote positive relationships within your groups.

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Event Begins: 
Friday, May 10, 2013
May 10th, 2013; 9:00am-4:00pm


Learning Collaborative, Route 5, Dummerston

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