Flow of History

The Flow of History is a non-profit network of educators, historians, and others interested in the relevance of history to our lives today as we consider the major issues of our time. New offerings are online today, both from Flow of History and the Learning Collaborative. Details here -- and on our Courses and Workshops listings! Flow of History

Overall, the goals of the project are to:

  • Identify major eras and themes in traditional American history.
  • Establish challenging curriculum in American history.
  • Interpret local and national primary source materials by understanding their context within and relation to themes/topics in American history.
  • Develop a collaborative exchange of practice that improves their work and builds a repertoire of high quality examples and resource materials.

Check here for details on upcoming programs.
Project Director: Sarah Rooker Flowofhistory@gmail.com
Project Historian: Alan Berolzheimer Flowofhistory@sover.net
Visit The Flow Of History website for more details.