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The Vermont Learning Collaborative is committed to high quality professional development for educators throughout our region. We serve supervisory unions in Windham, Windsor, Bennington and Rutland counties and one in Orange County.

    Collaborative Practices
    Experiential Learning
    Next Generation Science course
    Skillful Teaching
    new math courses
    Coaching support for Math and for ELA

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    Our Board has agreed to a 10% discount for educators within Supervisory Unions that are paid-up members. Right now, those S.U.s are:
    Windham Southeast
    Windham Northeast
    Windham Central
    Two Rivers
    Windsor Central
    Windsor Southeast

    Discounted prices are shown for each course. The discount applies to courses, not shorter workshops. It also does not apply to Vermont PLN events, which are statewide.

Common Core

Vermont's Professional Learning Network, PLN

A partnership between the Vermont Agency of Education, the Learning Collaborative and others to bring face-to-face AND online resources to you — all regarding the Common Core, leadership and Standards. Video modules are online now that give you access to almost two years of programs! Join VermontPLN today! Free registration available for all VT educators:

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